Images/Imágenes SGE 2.0 Software to reduce the disasters risk a recover cities affected by natural disasters

1 Preparedness

SGE 2.0 is a Web Platform with a database of our city on a virtual map that help us before, during and after a Disaster. Save Time and money. It can management and coordinate people with drills and training & prepared them for Disaster Risk Reduction.

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2 Emergencies

The tool can coordinate and manage all involved through a Web platform and apps for each "Intervention Team" to control the receipt and dissemination of information during the intervention in the disaster.

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3 Recovery

The municipal database can control buildings & infraestructures. With a global app, compatible with smartphones and tablets, can also help citizens with a faster planning of the recovery of his properties & business.

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4 Feedback

Each new disaster is a tragedy but also a new lesson learned. The system is adaptable to new opportunities and technologies. It is compatible with all existing and future tools. Open source that allows participation to other developers.

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Welcome, dear visitor

One of the effects of the Lorca earthquake in 2011 has been the development of a tool that can coordinate institutions and citizens involved in emergencies during a future disaster.

SGE 2.0 Emergencies Management Solution, a computer and smartphone applications, works through the Internet and includes information about buildings, geographic data, vulnerability of the city and a system of bidirectional communication between citizens and authorities, among other functions.    


  • “This work was essential to restore the normal activity of Lorca”
    Francisco Jódar
    Alcalde Lorca
  • “An after and before in the recovery of cities devastated by a disaster.”
    Xavier Goula
  • “It contains all the items that we need to damages assessment.”
    Juan A. Díaz Cruz
  • “It's a "help me to help you" tool.”
    Paco Martínez
  • “Everybody works with the same tool.”
    Alejandro Salazar
  • “Born from the experience of catastrophe”
    Rafael Gálvez
    Ayto. Pte. Genil

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