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0311/14Lorca City will hold a convention on city´s resilience to improve its answer and recovery in case of disaster

The town hall of Lorca and the Made2Dream companywill stage from 26th to 28th November, Lorca Resiliente, Spain's first national convention on resilience, specifically the ability of a community to prepare for natural disasters and amass resources for recovery that will contribute to its stability and significantly reduce its vulnerability to adverse events should they occur.

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3005/13Socialization of responsibility in emergencies and catastrophes

In one of my first meetings with two experts in earthquake engineering, to explain the project SGE 2.0 and share experiences about the earthquake in Lorca, We were talking about the concept "socialization of responsibility" in catastrophes and emergencies.

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2605/13EsLorca: An initiative for earthquake education and awareness on seismic risk

The experience of a multidisciplinary group of professionals during the emergency following the damaging Lorca 2011 earthquake shows that a more thorough preparation of the population prior to the event would have reduced the effects on the population in general and even possibly reduced the number of victims.

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2505/13A global emergency management tool for before and after any disaster born after the Lorca Earthquakes

One of the effects of the Lorca earthquake in 2011 has been the development of a tool that can coordinate institutions and citizens involved in emergencies during a future disaster. This is the application SGE 2.0, software on line for emergency management.

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