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0311/14Lorca City will hold a convention on city´s resilience to improve its answer and recovery in case of disaster

By Sandra Jiménez.  EL MUNDO. 24/10/2014

                The town hall of Lorca and the Made2Dream companywill stage from 26th to 28th November, Lorca Resiliente, Spain's  first national convention on resilience, specifically the ability of a community to prepare for natural disasters and amass resources for recovery that will contribute to its stability and significantly reduce its vulnerability to adverse events should they occur.

                Lorca Resiliente will discuss and examine the lessons learned after the earthquakes that tragically struck the city  May 11, 2011 in which nine people  died. The objective is to share these learnings among the delegation of  agents and stakeholders that intervened in the recovery of Lorca city.

                The event features, among others,  representatives from the United Nation's department for disaster risk reduction (UNISDR) and the secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. The Convention'sconclusions will be presented at the next  meeting of the Hyogo Framework for Action. Francisco Martínez (Made2Dream), the Convention curator, says that it is very important to collate and document  these experiences because "we learn  vital insights that are impossible to know fully if you have not been there".

                Across a schedule of bite-size sessions lasting15 minutes, experts from the Municipal Service of Emergencies, together with  police officers, medical workers, town hall defense department employees, scientists,  as well as other industry professionals and stakeholders, will analyse  how  to resist, absorb, adapt and recover from the effects of a hazard in a timely and efficient manner while preserving  and restoring a city's essential infrastructure.. Delegates will also debate areas for improvement , and retrospectively address the successes and areas for improvement. .

IT service for management of resilience

                Made2Dream's Disaster Risk Reduction tool (DRR) designed to minimise the impact of disasters, is now being implemented and tested in Lorca City. This freeware IT platform will be able to help municipalities manage and coordinate their emergency response.  Moreover thecompany has created an option to  facilitat communication with citizens if and when disaster occurs. In the case of an earthquake, the town hall will be able to send messages immediately to citizens to inform them of  its state, provide instructions, highlight evacuation points and many other crucial, life saving aids..

                Francisco Martínez explained to EL MUNDO that in Lorca City this system could have been  used as soon as the earthquake struck, immediately advising residents of the appropriate course of actions in response, he explains further " because the city is located very close to the local fault, early warning systems don't give the city enough time to act, the main goal is to improve recovery and the reconstruction of this kind of affected territories".

                In addition to the live event,thekey findings andlessons learned from Lorca Resiliente will be collated into a book that will  catalogue the results of the work realised in Lorca and serve as a precedent or blueprint for other disaster responses. The document will be made public in February 2015 and be published by the Spanish General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies.

                With Lorca City having had it's foundations broken , it has applied to join the international forum '100 Resilient Cities' pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation to help cities become more resilient to the shocks and stresses of the 21st century. If chosen, (the result will be  known on December 3) Lorca will join a collaborative project between placeshave lived through disasters.

                If Lorca where to become a 100 Resilience cities member, the benefits would be reaped by the whole city, as it would gain expertise, andkey information making it a  more safe place to live. If this indeed happens,  the Rockefeller Foundation will be the financier to the   the development  Lorca City´s Plan of Resilience.

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