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2505/13A global emergency management tool for before and after any disaster born after the Lorca Earthquakes


One of the effects of the Lorca earthquake in 2011 has been the development of a tool that can coordinate institutions and citizens involved in emergencies during a future disaster. This is the application SGE 2.0, software on line for emergency management.

SGE 2.0 (Emergency Management System), a computer and smart phone application, works through the Internet and includes information about buildings, geographic data, vulnerability of the city and a system of bidirectional communication between citizens and authorities, among other functions.

Francisco Martínez, one of the promoters of the SGE 2.0, a computer operator of “made2dream” company, said to RTVE.ES that 30 people have been working for two years to create all the sections that this application must have. After the Lorca earthquake, phone lines did not work, but the Internet did; so they have designed an “App” that is on the network, and it can be very useful.

The developing team, composed of different professionals and headed by Francisco Martínez, computer operator and Alejandro Salazar, architect, have the support of the Home Office – Civil Protection – . They, together with experts on earthquakes, met last week in Lorca University – the second anniversary of Lorca earthquake – to form working groups to design a protocol to realize the project. They will use the experiences of earthquakes in Chile, Mexico, Turkey, Italy and USA.

SGE 2.0 is an emergency management tool for before and after any disaster. It forms a database accessible from the Internet, on any device: PC, tablet o smart phone. Data of the technical evaluated buildings are previosly entered and then the technical pathology studies in buildings, the impact assessment and photographs of areas are also put in. When the disaster happens and as soon as new data are introduced in the App, the damage can be evaluated quickly and it can distinguish the state in which the buildings are in this moment. This allows decisions to be made: human lives to be saved – a priority- buildings that must be propped up or risk areas that should be avoided. Experts will have to determine implementation phases of the emergencies. It is very important that all emergency equipment works with the same information.

But first the Council of a town has to adopt this App. Then, from a coordinating centre they can activate the emergency service if it is necessary. A computer company will manage it. Anyone from a smart phone will can report the situation of his family and his neighbours who do not have that device. Thereby the Council will have a map of the situation, from the first minutes, and it can start optimizing assistance. Previously an awareness campaign will be necessary through simulations exercises which coordinate people with emergency municipal services.

Finally, Francisco Martínez concluded that SGE 2.0 can mark the state of a town before and after it is affected by a disaster. They have tried to use the experience of Lorca to prevent the serious consequences of future catastrophes.

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