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3005/13Socialization of responsibility in emergencies and catastrophes

In one of my first meetings with two experts in earthquake engineering, to explain the project SGE 2.0 and share experiences about the earthquake in Lorca, We were talking about the concept "socialization of responsibility" in catastrophes and emergencies.

The downside of the Socialization OF LIABILITY.

Then think of a Socialization in the negative, ie, lack of preparation, involvement, coordination ... by ALL, including the citizen does not help you recover from a disaster. Help dispel the responsibility that everyone has within their obligations and thus avoid, in many cases, the consequences of our lack of preparedness for the effects of a disaster. That's if we were lucky that NO affects us in loss of life or health of self, family or friends. Material goods can eventually recover.

Personally, I include social networks as a tool positioning us in the negative part of Socialization of Liability and in many cases you lose more time lying and denying that reality reporting, given that each has ITS REALITY and although this information is correct, the management of it would not be feasible, since the responsibility here is very vulnerable because of the anonymity that virtually provides. "Social networks are a virtual manifestation of real life" Alejandro Salazar @ alejandrom2d.

Working in the Socialization OF LIABILITY positively.

Each one of us has some skills and personal and professional skills. If you have a digital certificate, in the case of Spain it facilitates the National Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) and an application implemented by the municipality where they usually reside, this application would allow us to register as such and in a time of emergency or catastrophe it would seek the cooperation of citizens alluding to our SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Our work would somehow recorded and a system, similar to that of driver's license points, you assess the results of your collaboration SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.

Responsible Social Networking (RSN) would be possible, but it has to be implemented by the government since it is this that has the skills to do so and the people has the need. This network could be a channel accurate information to use in an emergency or disaster and in peacetime, could work on awareness and self-protection information.

Therefore, the APP'S project SGE 2.0 beta can not be downloaded from our website, must be distributed from the Local Administration, which is the one with the skills to manage the disaster and take action to improve the resilience of their municipality and their citizens.

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